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Updates Coming soon
  • We will be adding a partner system with great features!
  • We will be bringing out a skilling boss with unique ideas!
  • Trivia bot coming soon with unique aspects!
  • Chaotic boss with a wildy aspect to it!
  • We be finished off all of our new donator bosses with droptables!
  • Stay tuned for more updates to come!
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    We are a new 317 osrs server, We have been working no the server for quite some time now and have been progressing every day since, We spend countless hours updating or being active on wisdom, We try to make the game as enjoyable as possible by encorporating updates that our community wants.

    We hope to see you online and joining in on all the fun and being apart of the community with us on this journey, if you need any assistance on game feel free to join our discord or private message a staff member online, See you there!

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Update Log [02/08/2019]

We have been working hard the past week to put as much content out there as possible due to us having issues with a few things irl stopping us from providing the best attention as possible, Now that we are back we have added the following:

- A cool new boss that has a unique feature of dropping a key to every person in the area allowing them to use the chest at home for amazing rewards such as nex sets.

- Wilderness key has now been implemented to the game, How it works is its a 1/60 chance if you have a slayer task in the wilderness or its a 1/85 chance if you do not have a task, You can find the chest at the back of mage banks lever on top of a boat.

- Loyalty point system is worked out by how long you have played in that hour, once you have received so much loyalty points you can spend it on a token reward that allows you to unlock various items and various rare items dependant on what token reward you got.

- Voting side system is worked out by how many times you have voted, once you have voted a total of 7 days it will allow you to open a purple chest at home for free and will automatically reset your counter back to 0 upon recieving an item.

- Added 5 donator bosses with 5 unique locations, some droptables have been completed for the donator bosses and the rest of them will come in time.

- Various bugs / fixes - Replacing the coins for theiving with actual items to stop autoclicking, We also fixed a lot of things in the donation area, Fixed a lot of the wilderness npcs for the wilderness key update, Everytime you donate it will calculate how much you are off your next donator rank. Voting will now count how many times you have voted and tell you everytime you redeem your points. Donations deals have been refreshed and updated completely with a new system that stops you claiming the deal more than once. We have reverted back to having your items on death drop on the floor instead of paying 500k for your items back in godwars dungeon as it created a bug and made people lose various items during death. Fixed up a few shops for the ironman system, Added lots of new implementations to donator zone such a lucky imps + dragon imps ect. Changed dicing areas playtime for newcomers from 50 hours to 25.
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